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Surrounded by plenty of parking, shopping centers and community parks, our South End Orangetheory Fitness center in Charlotte, North Carolina, is an ideal place to exercise. Our modern gym facility is air-conditioned, well-maintained and clean. We have simplified the process of working out so that you can squeeze fitness into your daily or weekly schedule.

Interval training is what Orangetheory Fitness sessions are all about. During your hour-long workout in our studio, you'll be guided through a variety of challenging exercises. Some exercises build your muscle power while others test your endurance and strength. After your heart rate increases, your metabolism will rise and remain high for hours after the conclusion of your workout.

We have trainers who enjoy helping people on their fitness journeys. Your gym instructor will guide you through all of the stations on your first visit. As you come in to see us regularly, you could work with the trainer to set specific goals for weight loss, building muscle strength or increasing your endurance for longer runs.

Our goal is to help everybody become fit and reach their personal fitness goals. We invite beginners to start and continue their journeys with us, and intermediate and expert athletes will find our routines invigorating and challenging. We'll aim to make your time with us as stimulating as possible so that you'll look forward to working out and strengthening your body.

You can try out a free workout at our South End studio location. To choose a session that fits with your schedule, visit our online portal or contact us at (704) 626-7322. We have early morning, afternoon and evening classes. Select an affordable package deal or pay-as-you-go fitness plan.






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Hometown: Thomasville, NC(known for a 30-foot-tall chair)

Fun Facts:
I've been with OTF just over a year, and in the fitness industry over five years. Ran cross country/track in college. I can juggle, have an obsession with chocolate chip cookies from WholeFoods, and would like to be a DJ when I retire from training.

Favorite Exercise:
200 meter sprints on the track and rowing

Food of Choice:
Chicken pot pie

Why I love OTF:
Seeing members make adaptations on a weekly/monthly basis, especially when a power walker becomes a jogger, joggers become runners, and our runners get to maxing their allouts at 12mph with inclines!
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Fun Facts: Jon began training with OTF in March and has been a certified Personal Trainer since 2013. He played collegiate soccer for 4 years and 2 years semi-professionally in Niagara Falls, ON. In the future he hopes to compete in a NPC Men's Physique Competition. As an active individual he still enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and football, while taking the occasional run around the beautiful Queen City. Besides sports and fitness his other passion is food! He loves to eat and explore new restaurants, and this amazing city does not disappoint!
Favorite Exercise: Just to name a few of his favorites: dead lifts, pull-ups, planks, lunges, and push-ups!
Food of Choice: Pizza, cheeseburgers, and donuts!
Why I love OTF: Orangetheory Fitness is a one of a kind group training class that is individualized enough for absolutely anyone to participate in. The atmosphere and energy that comes from the coaches and members combined is so unique and motivating, it's hard not to get addicted! With the heart rate monitor on, each member can customize the workout to cater to their individual needs. I can't express how excited I am for the future of this organization!
Hometown:Matthews, NC

Random facts: I used to be obsessed with candy and soda. ☝🏻☝🏻️☝🏻️and then I learned how bad they are for me. So now I do my best to avoid them.

Favorite food: NY strip steak πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Favorite type of OTF workout: Run/Row or power day sprints.

Why do you love OTF: I love the competitiveness it creates. Not only between others members but with yourself. What you do at OTF is measurable, particularly with the rower and treadmill. I am CONSTANTLY pushing myself to do better than what I've done before. This leads to results. For myself, my weakest point has definitely been running for endurance. It seems with every workout I can feel myself getting better at it, especially those days where I'm on the treadmill for 23 straight minutes.

What do you burn for?
I burn for results. With every workout I have the goal of becoming the best version of myself, and I know OTF workouts will help me get there. I cross train a good bit with other workouts outside of the studio, but I know that an OTF workout will get the most effort out of me. It requires more energy and mental toughness to get through it. And I love that.

What is your guilty food pleasure?
I have a sweet tooth, but not necessarily cakes/desserts. I like all kinds of candy, but I do a good job if avoiding it.

What's your favorite OTF exercise?
Anything with the TRX. The TRX straps engage my core for whatever exercise I'm doing.

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Backed by the science of post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), our heart-rate monitored training is designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy. Our clients burn an estimated 500 to 1000 calories per workout. We are 5 zone heart-rate interval training.







Working out in a group provides accountability and structure to help achieve fitness goals. You are more likely to get a great workout and better results from the well-rounded movements and pace direction you get in a group setting. The session motivates each other to pick up the pace and reach beyond plateaus. People who workout in groups stick to their goals more consistently than those that workout alone.



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